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Expertise, wide range of industries and policy areas, including:

Banking & Financial Services

Rational 360 has served clients at every level of the financial services sector, from the largest global banks, to local credit unions, to fintech innovators and more. We understand the unique challenges faced by companies and trade associations operating in this space, and have led hard-fought national campaigns to promote banking policy decisions, managed influencer and advocacy campaigns around regulatory actions, served as the lead crisis counsel and rapid response team, drove corporate reputation campaigns, and more. Our expertise is grounded in this work, as well as our team’s service in and contacts with key Congressional committees and administration departments, including Treasury, CFPB, SEC, FTC, CFTC, FDIC, FINRA, OCC, NCUA and more.

Cities and Urban Affairs

Rational 360 identifies the best solutions to critical urban problems and communicates them to diverse stakeholders. Our team is adept at uncovering and unlocking a better strategy to tackle today’s most pressing urban challenges — from transportation and infrastructure to economic development to affordable housing to public health crises and more. We work with some of the most exciting entrepreneurs, academics and technologists to open new markets, identify new solutions and create new value for the world’s leading cities.


Rational 360 has worked with some of the world’s top cybersecurity companies and leaders. Our team has strong relationships with media covering cyber issues, and is deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of cyber policy across the state, federal and international levels. We regularly work with organizations seeking to raise their thought leadership profile on cyber issues; prepare crisis communication plans and conduct simulations for cyber attacks or information breaches; and to engage with the public, stockholders, media, policymakers and other stakeholders in the aftermath of a cyber incident.

Defense & Homeland Security

Rational 360 has deep expertise working with some of the top companies who help U.S. warfighters and law enforcement keep our nation and its people safe. Companies in the Defense and Homeland Security sector come to Rational 360 for strategic branding and messaging campaigns that leverage paid, earned and owned media to build brand affinity or advance policy objectives. Rational 360 develops and implements creative account-based marketing strategies to achieve contracting wins, and we build thought-leadership campaigns around solutions and service lines to support marketing efforts across your enterprise. And in today’s war for talent, Rational 360 can also create discrete marketing and communications campaigns to recruit the best talent to your company.

Economic, Fiscal & Tax Policy

From pursuing and promoting local economic incentive packages, to federal appropriations and budget process, Rational 360 has designed and executed strategic communication campaigns at every level of economic policymaking. Our team maintains deep relationships with leading voices throughout the economic policy world, including members and staffers on Capitol Hill, administration officials, think tanks and academia, media and more.


Rational 360 has experience communicating and at all levels of the education system, including local school districts, state and federal agencies as well as independent educational institutions and nonprofit education policy groups. Our team has helped position individuals and institutions as leaders in education, helped build grassroots support for education policies, and developed messages for students, schools and education leadership groups. We are also leveraging digital communication strategies to attract the right students for institutions and programs.


The Rational 360 team has developed programs, policies and communications for both leading energy companies and prominent environmental organizations. We understand the nuances of energy policy and are skilled at developing and delivering messages that mobilize business and community stakeholders to advance policy agendas across the Administration, on the Hill, in states and at the local level.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

The Rational 360 team has experience across environmental protection and sustainability areas, including climate change, ocean protection, water conservation, land management, and sustainable agriculture. Our team has led grassroots and grasstops advocacy campaigns that engage non-traditional allies and drive policy results at the state and national levels.


Rational 360 is uniquely positioned to help our clients define the future of infrastructure as new policy and regulatory frameworks emerge. We have deep knowledge in both disruptive technologies and with legacy companies allowing us to seize opportunities and overcome challenges related to the infrastructure industry. We have a deep understanding of the trajectory of transportation needs and regulatory issues. We have crafted robust communication strategies to help advance smart city policies and articulate infrastructure demands. Our team has worked with local transportation and transit agencies as well as state and national stakeholders on these issues.

Health Care and Public Health

Whether it is national public health and awareness campaigns; helping companies define their brand, open new markets and reach consumers; or shaping the debate around high-profile health policy fights in Washington and state capitols around the country, Rational 360 leads the way on the issue that is most personal to us all: our healthcare. At Rational 360, we are experts at healthcare storytelling and public affairs advocacy, including messaging, traditional and social media, third-party stakeholder engagement, grassroots, and digital insights and activations. Our cutting-edge digital insights and grassroots advocacy capabilities deliver real-time data to guide our strategic communications and allow Rational to bring the voice of patients and other healthcare stakeholders to client campaigns.

International Affairs

Rational 360 is deeply familiar with foreign policy and international leadership, including those representing U.S. Missions overseas. Our teams help engage new audiences and grassroots advocates in foreign policy issues through sophisticated digital outreach. We also help build and grow executive profiles for international policy and opinion leaders in both Europe and Asia.

Legal / Litigation

The Rational 360 approach to managing communication around high-stakes litigation starts with ensuring everything we do aligns with the legal strategy determined by in-house and/or outside counsel. We don’t work separately from the legal team — we work alongside them, ensuring that they have a voice in every aspect of communication activities and messaging. Whether the issue is civil or criminal; and whether it is between private parties or involving the U.S. Department of Justice, other federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies, or state- and local-level government officials; our team at Rational 360 has the benefit of having collectively led communications for hundreds of past legal investigations and cases, and can bring our expertise to bear at a moment’s notice.


From global heavy industry, to national consumer goods companies, to small specialty suppliers, Rational 360 has experience promoting the corporate and public affairs platforms of manufacturers. Whether we are helping companies amplify their voice on a key policy issue like trade, taxes, or workforce development; elevating their executives to be industry thought leaders; driving issue management campaigns around union negotiations or other workplace activities; elevating corporate reputation among key stakeholder audiences; and more — our team has the expertise to move the needle on the most important objectives for manufacturers at every level.

Mergers / Acquisitions

Rational 360 develops carefully crafted and compliance-ready communications strategies for companies going through Mergers & Acquisitions.

Native American Affairs

Rational 360 is familiar with Native American regulatory issues, including NAGPRA and has worked with organizations working in Native American policy and advocacy to build grassroots armies and develop unique communication strategies.


Policy debates over antitrust and consumer welfare, privacy, and access to broadband service too often neglect the ways technological innovation improves lives and boosts the economy. Rational 360 can tell the story of your tech company or industry in a positive light that will persuade policymakers, stakeholders, and the media. Our experience in the White House, regulatory agencies, state campaigns, and on the Hill allows us to create and implement a custom communications plan to meet your goals, including thought leadership, partnerships with advocates and academics, compelling content, and effective media outreach.


Rational 360 positions technology and telecommunications companies as thought leaders in the debates shaping their industries and make sure that they are driving the conversation about how their industries are changing the world. Whether for a venture-backed start-up or a global industry leader, our team knows how to navigate disruption, competition, globalization, regulation and a continuously changing landscape.


From elevating the stories of small, local companies into the national policy and media conversation, to leading nationwide coalitions with members that include some of the largest international corporations in the world, Rational 360 has been at the forefront of trade debates for over a decade. Our team’s expertise draws from having served in and having strong relationships within the Congressional committees and administration departments with key trade responsibilities, including the Treasury and Commerce Departments, USTR, Senate Finance, House Ways and Means, and more.


Rational 360 has a deep understanding of the trajectory of transportation needs and regulatory issues. We have crafted robust communication strategies involving smart city policy, infrastructure demands, and state-demands for transportation development.

Workforce and Labor Policy

From preparing for the impacts of Artificial Intelligence to communicating during annual union negotiations, our team has extensive experience helping organizations and businesses build workforce training programs, policies and incentives and positioning new thought leaders who are defining the future of work.

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