Strategic Communications, Public Affairs & Digital Campaign for a Fintech Company

Rational 360 worked with a leading fintech company to support a regulatory application to offer access to digital assets in the U.S. and to amplify policy priorities with Members of Congress, the Administration, third-party groups, influencers, and media.

Services Provided

Corporate Reputation Management & Strategic Communications; Digital Advertising; Earned Media; Grassroots Advocacy; Public Affairs; Third-Party Engagement, Coalition Building & Activation

Key Success Points
Executed a digital grassroots acquisition and activation program that resulted in 1,500 positive comments to financial regulators and 150 letters and 2,000 patch-through calls to Members of Congress to express support for policies to expand consumer access to digital asset products.
Created and launched a digital campaign to educate consumers and policymakers about digital assets that attracted nearly 500,000 content views.
Secured earned media placements to amplify key messages around financial technology and access in leading publications, including Axios, POLITICO, Washington Post, Roll Call, Bloomberg, Reuters, and more.
Assembled a coalition of like-minded third-party groups to advocate for federal policies and legislation to enable responsible access to digital assets in the U.S. and advance financial access among underserved groups.

Message and Narrative Development to Engage Key Audiences on the Need for Policies to Create Certainty for the Digital Asset Industry in the U.S.

Rational 360 produced key messages and narratives to educate Washington, D.C. audiences on the need to create regulatory certainty to ensure U.S. global competitiveness in digital assets and improve financial access among underserved communities.

Always-On Washington Influence Campaign to Build Awareness Around Federal Digital Asset Legislation

Rational 360 managed an always-on digital ad campaign to raise awareness about the need for policies to promote innovation in financial markets and access among underserved communities.

Creative Content Engine to Educate Key Policy Audiences on Digital Asset Adoption and Legislation

Rational 360 developed a steady stream of content, including one-pagers, infographics, fact sheets, policy handouts, and social content to educate policymakers and stakeholders about the need for regulatory certainty for digital assets.

Website Development and Video Production for a National Education Campaign on Digital Assets

Rational 360 developed a website to educate key audiences about digital assets and their potential to create new business opportunities, promote financial innovation, and support financial inclusion.

Third-Party Engagement to Build Support for Federal Policies to Promote U.S. Competitiveness in the Digital Asset Ecosystem

Rational 360 conducted stakeholder mapping and managed a targeted third-party engagement and activation campaign to educate key advocacy and policy audiences on the need for regulatory certainty for the digital asset industry.

Managed CEO visits to Washington, D.C. to Engage with Policymakers, Advocates, and Policy Influencers on Financial Technology Issues

Rational 360 planned and managed CEO-level visits to Washington, D.C. to engage directly with key decision-makers, media, and policy influencers, and participate in public events to build support for regulatory clarity for the digital asset industry.

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