Driving Advocacy to Show the Value of State Tax Incentives for the Motion Picture Industry

Rational 360 spearheaded advocacy for the nation’s premier entertainment trade association, coordinating state projects across the continental US and Hawaii.

Services Provided

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications; Third-Party Engagement; Grassroots, Grasstops, and Digital Advocacy

Key Success Points
Built a Vast Network of Residents and Business Owners to Contact Lawmakers, Interview with Newspapers, and Lend their Stories to Opinion Pieces
Conducted In-Depth, On-Demand Social Listening Reports to Frame the Impact of Crucial Policy Decisions on the Motion Picture Industry
Organized Major Events and Coordinated Media Outreach to Maximize Coverage

Highlighting Credible, Local Voices to Show the Benefits of Production Tax Incentives

Rational 360 individually contacted nearly 600 businesses across key states, cultivating relationships with small businesses and supply chain industries that exemplify the far-reaching benefits of production tax incentives, including camera stores, caterers, dry cleaners, car rental companies, location scouts, costume shops, and more., These relationships enabled Rational 360 to place multiple pro-incentive opinion pieces from business owners in the lead ups to key legislative votes.

Building Coalitions & Influencing Audiences During Key Legislative Periods

Rational 360 worked with local trade groups to identify and give an amplified voice to residents who lawmakers need to hear from, and demand the preservation of production tax incentives. In one state alone, Rational 360 helped direct constituent voices toward 13 key legislators in the days before a crucial vote, leading to more than 500 constituent phone calls. One legislator also received 49 constituent emails supporting production incentives in a single day.

Strategic & Timely Earned Media to Demonstrate the Entertainment Industry’s Effect

In Hawaii, Rational 360 organized a stakeholder and media event to showcase the grand opening of the University of Hawaii’s Academy for Creative Media System Student Production Center, an event attended by several prominent policymakers, including Governor David Ige. Rational 360 also conducted outreach to more than 140 local and national reporters, which resulted in a substantial media presence at the event.

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