Supporting an American Tech Trade Association Through a National Grasstops and Grassroots Advocacy Campaign

Rational 360 led a national advocacy campaign across 19 states for a coalition of third-party organizations, trade associations, and tech companies

Services Provided

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications; New Third-Party Engagement; Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy; National Field Campaign

Key Success Points
Recruited 700+ Local Influencers and Trade Associations to Deliver Coalition Messaging
Placed Over 140 Earned Media Stories & Op-Eds Targeting Key Members of Congress in Local Publications
Delivered 90+ Unbranded Third-Party Letters to Members of Congress Advocating for Legislative Protections

Rational 360 managed a successful grasstops and grassroots advocacy campaign to advance the goals of a coalition of advocacy organizations, trade associations, and tech companies focused on the importance of maintaining America’s technological edge and how antitrust legislation will lead to unintended consequences that will harm small businesses and the domestic technology sector while giving an edge to China and other foreign adversaries.

Influence Congressional Policymakers

We identified influential local third-parties, community leaders, and key influencers who matter to respective Members of Congress and built a national grasstops campaign infrastructure in two weeks that sustained activation in 35 US House and Senate districts across 19 states for over a year.

Rational 360’s nationwide network of Grasstops field teams also discovered key policy intel from Members of Congress related to legislative priorities that would ordinarily require expensive and time-consuming lobbying campaigns.

Letters from Influencers to Policymakers

Grasstops teams worked with local influencers and trade associations (e.g., San Diego Chamber of Commerce, the Latino Consumer Federation, and The Valley Industry and Commerce Association) to deliver 90 branded third-party unbranded letters to Members of Congress advocating for consumer and small business protection against potentially harmful legislative proposals.

Targeted Earned Media

Grasstops teams secured targeted and focused earned media hits in key local publications on legislative priorities, placing over 30 stories, including over a dozen op-eds authored by local influencers that have relationships with target Members of Congress.

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