Influencing the Policy Conversation for a Fortune 500 Defense Manufacturer

Rational 360 is the trusted partner for a Fortune 500 defense manufacturer facing public criticism in the Beltway.

Services Provided

Influencer Mapping; Social Listening; Message Development; Content Creation; Third-Party Engagement; Earned Media Pitching; Targeted Influencer Advertising; and Digital Amplification.

Key Success Points
Placed thousands of positive articles in top-industry Beltway publications
Identified the top 500 influencers driving the online conversation
Served policymakers and influencers with custom content at a frequency of 50x per month

Online Conversation and Influencer Identification

Rational 360 started our engagement by doing an online conversation landscape assessment and influencer map. This massive report dug deeper into the full online conversation around our client and their product over a one-year time period, with key insights including: sentiment analysis, content sources, demographic breakdown, industry and competitor analysis, and leading influencers.

Launched Proactive Digital Ads

Rational 360 launched a proactive micro-targeted digital ad campaign across multiple online platforms to ensure that positive messaging surrounded key policymakers and influencers. We also launched a rebuttal campaign that combated public criticism with facts.

Media Relations Success

Rational 360 successfully pitched stories to mainstream and trade outlets, placed op-eds, and positioned friendly third-party experts within the policy conversation.

Measuring Success

Over the course of the campaign, we have measured sentiment, monitored influencers, and collected media engagement with regular social listening reporting, showing on a weekly basis how our advertising and media engagements are moving the needle and shifting the conversation from negative to positive in this sector.

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