Activating Grassroots Advocates on Critical Healthcare Access Issues Across 35 States

Rational 360 serves as the lead state grassroots advocacy and communications consultant for a Fortune 50 healthcare company.

Services Provided

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications; Third-Party Engagement; Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy; Digital Strategies

Key Success Points
Recruited Thousands of Politically Engaged Activists & Built Third-Party Coalitions for Mobilization Efforts in 30+ States
Scaled In-District & Broad Public Awareness Targeting Through Persuasive Content, Leading to Hundreds of Thousands of Online Actions
Identified & Engaged Outlets for Strategic & Timely Earned Media & Opinion Placements

Rational 360 serves as the lead state grassroots advocacy and communications consultant for a Fortune 50 healthcare company, leading, developing, and managing unbranded customized state-level advocacy, messaging, and media campaigns in approximately 35 states. To date, Rational 360’s efforts have driven hundreds of thousands of online actions to advance patient access issues.

Recruiting Armies of Engaged Online Activists
Rational 360 has built multiple databases comprised of thousands of politically engaged activists through targeted email acquisition campaigns. Using tactical mobilization efforts, these activists have delivered petitions to legislators, submitted letters to editors, contacted elected officials on social media and donated to their organizations.

Building Coalitions with Third-Party Groups & Influencing Audiences
Rational 360 has built influential advocacy campaigns, engaging leading third-party groups. Rational 360 has also used proprietary digital analytics to target influential audiences within each state, serving hyper-focused content based on job title, age, interests, location, and other factors.

Scaled In-District & Broad Public Awareness Targeting
Rational 360 microtargeted specific audiences as well as maximized awareness and engagement among the general public. Persuasive and compelling content, such as videos, testimonials, and graphics, were created and shared to target audiences.

 Strategic & Timely Earned Media & Opinion Placement
Rational 360 identified and engaged national, state, and local media to cover step therapy and related bills, incorporating the patient voice into coverage and securing opinion placements with influential media outlets.

Campaign Approach to the Legislative Process
Rational 360 supported advocacy engagement around state bills throughout the legislative process, including testimony development, social media engagement with lawmakers, and media coverage of congressional hearings.

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