Increasing Digital Engagement & Fundraising to Bring an End to Alzheimer’s

Increasing Digital Engagement & Fundraising to Bring an End to Alzheimer’s

Rational 360 is the lead strategic communications and digital agency for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, a disruptive nonprofit advocacy group accelerating a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Client: UsAgainstAlzheimer's

Services Provided: Public Affairs & Strategic Communications; Corporate Reputation Management; Third-Party Engagement; Coalition Building & Activation; Marketing & Advertising; Digital Strategies; Paid Media and Advertising; Grassroots Advocacy; Grassroots Fundraising

Additional Project Info

Rational 360 is the strategic communications, digital and social media consultant for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, and leads day-to-day management on all social channels, working with a team of over 17 consultants to manage the day-to-day activities and priorities of the organization.

Designing and Executing Strategic Communications & Policy Plans. Rational 360 worked with individuals across UsAgainstAlzheimer’s — from research, to policy, to community outreach, to advocacy — to accurately capture the voice of the organization and bring it to life with a tailored organizational narrative that spoke to the heart of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and its vision for the future. Rational 360 then used this as a touchstone to create a 2019 communications plan that was visually mapped to ensure strategic alignment of goals and priorities across the organization’s various initiatives. Rational 360 provides not only the strategy, but the content supporting that strategy, to build cohesion and ensure a common voice across the organization.

Identifying, Analyzing & Engaging Influencers: Rational 360 leveraged its custom-built analytics tools to identify influencers in the Alzheimer’s and caregiving online community to monitor, follow, like, retweet and reply to. Many of those influencers are known by the organization or affiliated with their partners. Rational 360 sends those influencers custom content suggestions, including graphics, to post from their accounts.

Monitoring Social Media 24/7: Rational 360 immediately installed alerts to be the first to know when relevant stories and posts occur. This provides an opportunity for the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Twitter account to engage in timely conversations, boosting the profile of the organization and expanding reach. For example, when the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup and a Capitals star spoke post-game on the ice about his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Rational 360 was able to get a post out within minutes and be a leading part of the real-time conversation.

Developing Content for Custom Campaigns: Rational 360 develops shareable graphics and planned custom campaigns to leverage key moments. For example, for the launch of the A-List, a patient-centered organizational initiative, Rational 360 developed graphics, produced, executed and promoted a Facebook Live (and posted on YouTube for optimal Twitter engagement), and cross promoted through influencers, partners and targeted followers.