Building a Network of Advocates and Donors to Accelerate an End to Alzheimer’s

To accelerate an end to Alzheimer's, Rational 360 worked with UsAgainstAlzheimer's to engage with lawmakers, regulators, and patients to win the tough fights and get the results that matter.

Services Provided

Grassroots Advocacy; Email Fundraising; Digital Advertising; Social Media Management; Graphic Design; Website Development; Public Relations Support; and Media Pitching

Key Success Points
Ran Grassroots Campaign that Generated 66,000 Letters to Members of Congress on Caregiver Leave
Paid Influencer Advertising to Persuade Policymakers to Support Key Regulation and Legislation
Secured Media Placements on Good Morning America and The Today Show
Raised $300,000+ Through Online Fundraising

Building a Grassroots Advocate Army

Rational 360 leveraged nimble, effective digital acquisition strategies to acquire new advocates in states and districts to communicate with key legislators on important issues. These new advocates are walked up a ladder of engagement with calls to action including social media follows, petition signatures, surveys, calls toCcongress, and donations.

Streamlined Messaging Streams

Rational 360 takes oftentimes complex and difficult materials and distills them into easily understood and digestible digital action. By utilizing patient and caregiver stories, whiteboard animations, or infographics, Rational 360 made UsAgainstAlzheimer’s policy agenda easy for grassroots advocates to understand and take action.

Activating Grassroots at Key Moments

Rational 360, through a steady stream of digital communication, primed UsAgainstAlzheimer’s advocates to take action at key moments. Whether it was calls for increased NIH funding, paid leave provisions for Alzheimer’s caregivers, voter coalitions, presidential debates, or FDA drug approval, UsAgainstAzlheimer’s advocates can be called on to take action – quickly – to send a message.

Increasing Advocacy and Fundraising

Rational 360 more than doubled year-over-year advocacy output, while simultaneously increasing grassroots fundraising. In 2021, Rational 360 partnered with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s to launch a grassroots campaign – driving over 66,000 letters from advocates to Congress on Caregiver leave, making it a priority during Congressional budget appropriations. As a result, in a major step forward, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that included paid family leave protections for dementia caregivers as well as emergency leave protection for individuals needing leave for COVID.

Collecting and Amplifying Caregiver Stories to Washington, DC Policymakers

Rational 360 launched a large-scale campaign with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s to collect stories of caregivers of those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s through an online activation campaign. Rational 360 then compiled those stories to Members of Congress who were considering a bill supporting paid caregiver leave through video and display ads across websites and social media.

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