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What Speaker Mike Johnson’s Digital Footprint Tells Us

• October 25, 2023

Now that Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA-4) is Speaker of the House, Rational 360 has analyzed his social media behavior on X (formerly Twitter) to better understand the issues he cares most about and what influences him. 

To do this, Rational 360 has taken a deep dive to examine: 

  1. Who Mike Johnson shares content from.
  2. What issues Mike Johnson posts about most.
  3. Where Mike Johnson gets his news.

Rational 360 identified the social media accounts shared most by Rep. Johnson’s X (formerly Twitter) over the past two years. Rational 360 found: 

Insight 1: Mike Johnson shares content from House Judiciary Republicans and the Family Research Council.

Insight 2: Mike Johnson posts most about abortion, the economy, and defense.

Rational 360 analyzed the presence of ten major national issues among social media posts from Rep. Johnson over the past two years. Rational 360 found: 

Insight 3: Mike Johnson gets his news from right-leaning outlets and home-district publications.

Rational 360 ranked news sites Rep. Johnson shared articles from most often on social media over the past two years. Rational 360 found (unsurprisingly): 

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