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Webinar: Digital Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19

• May 14, 2020

Digital advocacy is undergoing rapid change right now. Organizations are grappling with how best to engage advocates to advance legislative and regulatory priorities. We are hosting the first in our new series of webinars next week: Rational Conversations: Digital Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19. You will hear directly from our digital experts and representatives from Facebook and Care2, who will discuss recent changes in the way people use social media platforms.

Rational 360 is excited to launch our first episode of our new webinar series, on Wednesday, May 20th at noon on Zoom!

Lexi Fite and Emilia Gutierrez, from Facebook, will provide important insights into the best practices and new policies being set in place for people in the advocacy network. Jennifer Jones Ingram, Director at Care2, will help us understand how to leverage digital advocacy to communicate with supporters and policymakers during a pandemic. Collin Berglund, Head of Rational Digital, will talk about how these unforeseen changes are affecting our clients and what that means for you.

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