Lucila Garcia

Managing Director

Lucila Garcia is a communications practitioner with expert knowledge in public affairs advocacy and public relations outreach efforts.

As the Managing Director in California, she has cemented relationships with statewide and national patient groups and healthcare providers by creating innovative strategic plans and delivering stellar media relations, and digital communication campaigns to accomplish public policy and legislative change.

As a fluent bilingual and bicultural professional, Garcia develops and guides messaging for clients to influence Latino constituents and legislators.

Prior to Rational 360, Garcia worked for boutique agencies within the business, lifestyle, health and wellness, food/beverage, and interactive entertainment industries including Tenet Healthcare, California Milk Processor Board (got milk?), Nestle, Cover Girl, McDonalds, Disney, and others.

Lucila is actively involved in city boards and commissions and nonprofit groups. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University.

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