Bryce Ballard

Senior Director, Social Listening

Bryce Ballard specializes in how social listening, media intelligence, and other open-source research can inform digital strategy, public affairs, and communications.

Bryce has diverse experience working across agencies, in-house teams, and technology vendors to deploy social listening programs and AI-backed measurement frameworks that empower clients to orient themselves in the online ecosystem and extract insights. Bryce is intentional about leading new projects with curiosity by seeking to pioneer novel research methodologies, upskilling analytical rigor of unstructured datasets, and figuring out how digital strategy can play a role in shifting a conversation’s narrative.

Bryce has additional training and professional experience in content strategy, traditional media relations tactics, field marketing, and event management, all of which he leverages in collaboration with colleagues to provide clients with a holistic perspective and nuanced recommendations.
Bryce received a B.A. in Strategic Communications from American University in Washington, D.C. Bryce enjoys chicken nuggets, action movies, and being a dog dad to his Bernedoodle pup.

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