Grasstops Advocacy

Our Approach to Grasstops

Rational 360 enables companies to authentically reach and influence policymakers by recruiting and activating influential advocates in the communities that they serve and their inner circles. Our team mobilizes small business owners, local leaders, advocacy organizations and associations, and other community-centric influencers as vocal third-party advocates across social media, earned media, and in-market activations.


We leverage trusted relationships with local community leaders and advocates who have influence over policymakers in every jurisdiction in the U.S. to deploy advocates through campaigns in support of clients and their specific policy objectives.


We leverage our knowledge of what diverse local communities – communities of color, women, veterans, LGBTQ, small business owners, and local leaders – care about most to mobilize respected community leaders and influencers in support of our clients.


We develop customized local community maps to determine the local trade associations, advocacy organizations, influential business owners, policymaker inner circles, and local elected officials that serve as third-party validators for our clients.


We activate local community voices to influence policymakers through tactics spanning direct phone calls, individual and coalition letters, social media, blogs, and stories placed in local media that legislators and other influencers regularly consume.


Rational 360’s DC-based core team leaders serve as message strategists and campaign managers to rapidly build a campaign infrastructure, ensure content and strategic continuity across media markets, and amplify local earned media placements in real-time across national, digital, and paid media.