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Rational 360 Announces Formation of Employee Stock Ownership Program

• May 30, 2024


Rational 360 Announces Formation of Employee Stock Ownership Program

Washington, DC (May 30, 2024) – Rational 360, a leading full-service strategic communications and digital advocacy company, announced publicly today the formation of an employee stock ownership program (ESOP). The ESOP was officially formed in April 2023. Rational 360’s ESOP holds 30% of the company’s stock, which is transitioned to employees over time.

“As the largest employee-owned, independent public affairs company in Washington, DC, Rational 360 offers unique opportunities to current and potential employees that positively impact our work with clients,” said Patrick Dorton, CEO and Managing Partner at Rational 360. “Our company continues to grow, and as we expand, we’re thrilled to provide an ownership stake to our team members through the formation of an ESOP.”

Rational 360’s ESOP builds on the company’s all-in partner approach. ESOPs have proven to make significant contributions to companies and their employees. As employees are given a stake in the company, the culture grows stronger. Team members are rewarded for meeting long-term goals by building their own long-term wealth.

ESOPs are a no-cost tool for wealth building – eligible employees can grow their retirement funds through everyday work, attaching a greater meaning to taking on challenges and focusing on clients’ experiences. ESOP participants in the United States tend to have over two times as much in retirement savings as employees in non-ESOP companies. On average, ESOP payouts can be three to seven times greater than 401(k) payouts.

“We look forward to seeing the long-term impacts of the ownership culture provided by an ESOP,” said Chloe Thornhill, Chief Financial Officer at Rational 360. “Again and again, companies with ESOPs produce better outcomes and higher engagement from their team members. With less than 1% of all companies being employee-owned, this is a unique offering that Rational 360 can provide.”

Rational 360 was formed in 2011. Throughout the company’s history, it has grown to over 86 staff members with offices across the country. As Rational 360 continues to grow, the ESOP will be a driving force in the company’s culture.

To learn more about Rational 360’s ESOP, or to view job openings, click here.

Rational 360 is a leading full-service
strategic communications and digital company, with offices and staff located
across the country. We recognize that communications and public affairs rarely
take place in a vacuum, and our work is always crafted using the best data
analysis to support organization-wide strategic objectives for our clients.

From public relations and public affairs to
crisis communications and new media strategy, our experienced team takes an
innovative, active approach to advancing your mission-critical goals. We
understand the unique opportunities and challenges of the 21st century media
landscape and operate as an extension of your own communications and leadership

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