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Digital Lobbying Tips for 2020

• November 25, 2019

As you prepare your 2020 advocacy agenda, Rational Digital is sharing four digital advocacy questions and answers that corporations, advocacy organizations, trade associations and non-profit groups should be thinking about as part of their strategic planning:

Q: How can we communicate our message directly to Administration officials? 
A: The Trump administration consumes information in a fundamentally different way from previous administrations, where newer digital platforms can matter just as much or more than newspapers of record. Every day, more and more organizations are using digital targeting tools to put customized  messages directly in front of key administration decision makers and influencers in the form of videos, graphics and long- and short-form written messaging.

Q: How can we build urgency around our federal legislative priorities with members of Congress?
A: Congressional grassroots digital campaigns can drive thousands of in-district constituent communications into the inboxes of members of Congress. Campaigns can use digital targeting tools to identify specific advocates and help make it easy to send custom and personalized communications to Hill offices.

Q: How can we activate grassroots voices to weigh in on federal rulemaking? 
A: Organizations are connecting millions of grassroots advocates with tools that make it quick and easy to send messages and file public comments on federal rulemaking dockets. Digital ad platforms allow organizations to build a universe of people who could be affected by regulatory proposals and empower them to become activists around those rules.

Q: How can we provide our state lobbyists with digital air cover to support on-the-ground efforts? 
A: Pop-up digital campaigns are helping to advance legislation and regulation in state capitols across the country. Organizations are leveraging digital ad tools to drive thousands of in-district constituent messages into statehouse legislative offices and serving customized advertising content directly to legislators and staff. The messages and direct ad content can create a surround-sound echo chamber to elevate your priorities on the state legislative and regulatory agenda.

Send me an email directly if you want to discuss how Rational Digital can help give your lobbying operation the air cover it needs to achieve your 2020 goals.

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