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Every day, the Rational 360 Digital Media Group manages digital campaigns that identify, mobilize and activate key audiences.

Today, conversations about policy, reputation, products and services increasingly occur outside of traditional media outlets and instead take place on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other online networks and forums. Rational 360 identifies the key themes shaping opinions and engages in ways that effectively and powerfully deliver our clients’ messages.

The Rational 360 Digital Media Group is not simply a digital firm. We offer an unmatched combination of traditional public relations and cutting-edge online knowledge. The Rational 360 senior team has spent years working at the highest levels of government, directing communications for industry-leading trade associations and handling communications challenges for major corporations. With deep online media experience, we offer a combination of traditional and digital communications that leads to concrete results.

The Rational 360 Digital Media Group has conducted integrated new media campaigns, comprehensive online reputation management efforts, web development and broad social media outreach for industry leaders across the country, including: Personal Care Products Council; Grocery Manufacturers Association; Software & Information Industry Association; U.S. Renewable Energy Group; American Association for Homecare; Coalition for Transportation Productivity; Free File Alliance; Bright Automotive.

Key Capabilities

Directing Integrated Online Campaigns

Many companies approach their online presence in a piecemeal manner, which diminishes effectiveness. The Rational 360 Digital Media Group has the experience and personnel to manage full online campaigns encompassing a comprehensive suite of online and traditional media tactics. This approach allows for greater message and brand discipline and greater integration and cross-promotion between online efforts.

Building and Leveraging Social Media Tools

Online social media provides powerful tools for improving the image of companies and individuals, influencing public policy debates and countering false claims. Rational 360 Digital Media Group has experience using a broad array of online social media channels to keep clients top of mind, to rebut criticism and to advance organizational goals.

Developing Full Scale Websites

Every organization must have a website that is professionally designed, dynamic and up-to-date, incorporating interactive features and social media tools, and making use of advanced content management systems. But even with the latest features and tools, a website can fail if it does not effectively deliver the right messages to the right audiences. With our deep background in traditional communications, Rational 360 Digital Media Group is able to build websites that powerfully deliver messages, reach the right audiences, and help clients achieve their broad organizational goals.

Engaging Key Online Influencers

Conversations take place across the Internet, and it takes intelligence and experience to locate the ones that matter. Rational 360 Digital Media Group knows how to find these nexus points, how to leverage the tools and networks to reach these individuals, and how to inject ourselves into online conversations to correct misconceptions and advance client messaging.

Executing Online Grassroots Campaigns

For companies, associations and non-profits, conducting grassroots outreach to engage and develop supporters is no longer the exception, it is the norm. Grassroots campaigns are an excellent way to reach lawmakers and influentials, but are also critical for engaging supporters, acquiring new advocates, and keeping track of contact information. Rational 360 Digital Media Group has experience planning and executing grassroots advocacy campaigns.

Managing Online Reputations

Conversations are going on online that affect companies and reputations every day. In many cases, it isn’t enough to simply know what people are saying. It is important to respond directly with forceful and effective messages. These responses, if done well, can shape online debates and reinforce key messages. Rational 360 Digital Media Group stays on top of the latest trends and technologies to make sure we know where and in what form the important conversations are taking place.

Designing and Managing Online Advertising Campaigns

Online advertising can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach targeted audiences. Rational 360 Digital Media Group has experience designing and placing online ads and conducting targeted paid search campaigns with all the major providers. By directing the right consumers to the most relevant and targeted information, online advertising can be a powerful means for issuing calls-to-action and shaping consumer attitudes.

Providing Insightful and Actionable Analysis

The digital media revolution has created an overload of content. Rational 360 Digital Media Group focuses on separating the signal from the noise and providing actionable analysis. We go beyond keywords, headlines and buzzwords to see the full picture, and use our deep understanding of messaging to provide clients with clear, action-oriented recommendations.

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