Ilyse Veron

Senior Vice President

Ilyse Veron is an Emmy award-winning press corps veteran with expertise shaping successful policy campaigns, integrated digital marketing strategies, stakeholder engagement efforts, and valuable content partnerships.

Working with changemakers, companies and coalitions, Ilyse is known for helping people raise their voices about what matters, especially on the most personal issue of all: healthcare. She comes to Rational 360 after directing public relations for a company that received FDA breakthrough status for its novel AI-powered software as a medical device.

As a NewsHour producer, CQ reporter, columnist, podcast anchor, and an editorial consultant, Ilyse has shaped narratives about what happens where business, government, media, and politics meet. Her impact stories raise awareness about life-saving leadership, patient needs, the nexus of sustainability and public health, and systemic reform.

Ilyse’s byline has run in media such as MedscapeThe Wall Street JournalThe Chicago Tribune, FoxNews, WIRED, and in film credits. Her SAGE Publishing video and text case studies are used to teach business, entrepreneurship, brand marketing, customer service, and cultural awareness in the US and nearly 20 countries worldwide. 

Ilyse earned a BA from Yale and a masters from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where she did a global residence in Cape Town, South Africa applying human-centered design thinking.

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