Greg Vives

Senior Digital Strategist

Greg is a Senior Digital Strategist at Rational 360. He has a background in public policy, marketing, and digital advertising and strategy. Prior to joining Rational 360, Greg worked at a local rideshare start-up called Empower, a new driver-focused competitor to Uber and Lyft. At Empower, he acted as the sole digital marketing expert, as well as the social media manager. Prior to working at Empower, Greg worked for the U.S Small Business Administration as a Loan Specialist, where he administered financial aid to small businesses, ranging from independent stores and pharmacies to farmers and even video game developers. 

Greg earned his Master’s in Marketing from American University in 2020 and earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science the year prior, also from American University. During his undergraduate career, Greg was an Assistant Program Officer at the Center for a Free Cuba, as well as a Marketing Partnerships Intern at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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