Paid Media and Advertising

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Rational 360 develops comprehensive, omnichannel paid media and advertising campaigns to reach everyone from broad consumer audiences to narrow legislative influencers that can be leveraged as standalone strategies or complementary tactics alongside traditional communications and other digital campaigns.

Rational 360 works with clients through every step in the process to identify goals, produce engaging and persuasive content, reach target audiences, and analyze campaign results to help define success and optimize ongoing and future campaigns. We’re experts at making sure your content reaches your target audience, and that they engage with it in a way that accomplishes your goals and objectives. From clicks to sign ups to online engagements, we deliver compelling content using text, graphics, images, audio, and videos to your ideal audience.

Our years of collective experience working with the best minds in government, policy, politics, and campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels have equipped our team with the insight to build custom lists of influencers across issue areas that Rational 360 can use to narrowly reach people who are most likely to impact a specific conversation. Rational 360 also leverages proprietary platforms and technologies to further narrow audiences, identify common interests, and understand how a conversation is trending so as to craft the best possible campaigns.

We specialize in campaigns across all channels, including social media, search and display, email list rental, radio, TV, print, experiential activations, out-of-home, and more – and consider the ability of each one to reach and engage your audience within your objectives and budget. Our work isn’t finished once the campaign ends either – our team conducts a post-campaign analysis to identify what worked, what didn’t, and how future campaigns can be improved and optimized to better serve your goals.