Grassroots Advocacy

Rational 360 builds sustainable grassroots armies and grasstops allies that can be mobilized at key moments to amplify organic support and drive action by decision makers. 

Rational 360 works with our clients to develop authentic grassroots advocacy programs that put advocate voices front and center. Over our decades of combined experience in campaigns, grassroots mobilization, and issue advocacy, our team has driven millions to the polls, activated hundreds of thousands to call and write their leaders, and created change from the ground up.

Rational 360 uses proven targeting and acquisition techniques to recruit grassroots advocates who remain engaged with our clients across issues and campaigns. Using ladders of engagement, we turn passive supporters into outspoken voices who are willing to take action and foster organic buzz around the issues that matter most to our clients. Whether our clients need to mobilize advocates rapidly or build an enduring grassroots network, we have the right tools.

Our team takes a multichannel approach to grassroots advocacy. Rational 360 can design programs that incorporate fundraising, get-out-the-vote (GOTV), voter recruitment and event management components in addition to traditional advocate mobilization.