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October Influencer Index: Uncertainty around the tax reform bill drives negative sentiment among Influencers

Tax reform, Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas shooting were the top topics in October’s Washington Influencer Index. Washington Influencers mentioned tax reform 42 percent more times this month than they did last month as the debate on the impending bill increased online. Meanwhile, Democrats worked in unison on social media to spread awareness about...
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Standing Out in a Crowded Space: Tips for Young PR Professionals

I have reached many conclusions in the short time that I have worked in the public relations industry: the work is interesting, the clients are challenging, and the breakroom snacks are making me fat. I’ve also found that there are many young professionals like myself just entering the industry, making it more difficult to stand...
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Small Steps to Make It As a Woman in Media

Women have struggled for decades to rise to the top of their field – and media is no exception. Consider these facts: Women make up anywhere from 61 to 85 percent of Public Relations jobs. Yet, the World PR Report finds that just 30 percent of global PR agencies are run by women. Television news...
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September 2017: DC Influencer Index

Hurricane Irma, tax reform, DACA and the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act were the top topics in September’s Washington Influencer Index. The Graham-Cassidy bill, which generated attention mid-month, died with late coverage and poor press, marking the beginning trend of increased negative tweets through the rest of September. Steve Scalise also returned...
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Building a Digital Brand for Your CEO

It’s 2017. If the only digital trail that exists for your CEO is a Wikipedia page and your company’s website, it may be time to rethink how you’re building their digital brand. This doesn’t mean launch a Twitter account for them and call it a day. Twitter may be a smart tactic for your CEO,...
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Getting to the Point in PR: The Hemingway Test

Learning to write succinctly is an important skill in public relations, particularly in the public affairs space. As any undergraduate course in English would teach you, using fewer, more carefully selected words will help you to make your points clear and concise. Ernest Hemingway once wrote in a 1945 letter: “It wasn’t by accident that the...
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