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2018 Washington Influencer Index: February

The gun debate was reignited this month after the shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida generating reactions from all corners of the Washington Influencer Index. The House Intelligence Committee’s memo from early February also stired up conversations, creating discord among top political figures and media personalities alike. Click HERE to read the...
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The Surprising Path to Becoming a Skilled Communicator

Last month I asked a room full of grad students from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) how many of them knew what they wanted to do post-graduation. Not a single hand went up. At a time when millennials are advising the president, starting billion-dollar companies, and changing the world, it can...
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2018 Washington Influencer Index: January

Tensions between Congressional Democrats and Republicans rose as immigration dominated conversations throughout January. With ongoing debates about DACA recipients and America’s immigration policy, Washington influencers were more likely to talk about immigration than any other trending topic in January including the State of the Union and the government shutdown. Click HERE to read the full January DC...
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Digital Snapshot: SOTU 2018

Rational 360 analyzed which people, topics, and tweets resonated most with Washington Influencers during the State of the Union Address. Democratic and Republican members of Congress were more engaged this year compared to last year’s Joint Address (5,100 tweets this year vs. 4,459 in 2017—a 15 percent increase), but that’s where their similarities ended. GOP:...
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2017 Influencer Index

Members of Congress tweeted 43 percent more in 2017 than they did in 2016, marking 2017 as the year of Twitter for Washington. With the year being full of partisan, controversial discussions including gun control, health care and tax reform, and hurricane aid, online sentiment for the year was 4 percent higher than last year....
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November 2017 Washington Influencer Index

Tax reform and the Roy Moore allegations were the top topics among Washington Influencers in November. The tax reform conversation peaked over a two week period when the House passed the tax reform bill and in the days leading up to the Senate vote. Roy Moore and his sexual misconduct allegations peaked on November 9...
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