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Navigating PRs Role in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Gone are the days when companies were told to stay out of politics and avoid controversial hot topics. In today’s climate, companies that lack transparency about which causes they support can often suffer as much as businesses that take up contentious positions. Companies are seeing the value of weighing in on current global issues, actively...
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Embracing Stress for Personal Growth in a 24/7 Work Environment

Simply reading the word stress in the title of this blog might make you cringe. In a 24/7 work environment, especially for those in public relations and public affairs, stress can be inevitable. When you experience stress, it may make you uncomfortable and hinder your productivity. But it doesn’t mean you can’t harness how it...
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3 Tips to Get Your Message in Front of State Legislators and Staff

Imagine a legislative aide walking out of a meeting with your state lobbyist, getting a report from staff that the office has received hundreds of constituent emails on your issue, seeing a clips report with a friendly op-ed – and then when the staff member wants to take a break and check Facebook or read...
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Thinking Outside the Dome: Using Third Parties to Impact Policy Outcomes

Thinking Outside the Dome: Using Third Parties to Impact Policy Outcomes Running an effective public policy campaign can seem like a daunting task. The public policy arena is full of legislative nuances, political rivalries, and competing interests; your campaign has to successfully navigate all of those things and more. Many people will focus their campaigns...
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