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5 Ways Companies Can Use Digital to Stand Out on Giving Tuesday

The annual return of chilly weather is a reminder that another year is coming to an end. As Americans look forward to giving thanks and to spending time with loved ones, smart companies are engaged in a similar annual ritual: looking ahead and exploring ways to give back. One essential way for organizations to further...
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3 Ways to Effectively Communicate with New Members of Congress

The 2018 midterm elections ushered in a new period of divided government in Washington, D.C., welcoming Democratic control of the House of Representatives along with a resilient Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. Even before some of the closest races have been called, organizations and individuals familiar with the frequent transitions of power in the...
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Top 50 Members of Congress Followed by Other Members of Congress

Rational 360 analyzed which Members of Congress are followed by other Members in our latest Influencer Index. The insights provided below show the Members of Congress who have cultivated the most online relationships with their colleagues. Please find the full list of the top 50 most followed Members of Congress below.  
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Navigating PRs Role in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Gone are the days when companies were told to stay out of politics and avoid controversial hot topics. In today’s climate, companies that lack transparency about which causes they support can often suffer as much as businesses that take up contentious positions. Companies are seeing the value of weighing in on current global issues, actively...
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