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Perspectives: The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

The following post from Rational 360 intern Shay Blackwell is about her experience at the 50th anniversary event commemorating the March on Washington. “I have a feeling we won’t be in the front row,” a graying older man said jokingly as he breezed pass me on the crowded sidewalk. I peered to the left at...
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What Google Webmaster Changes Mean for PR Firms and Online Content

Google has updated its Webmaster rules in an effort to encourage quality content creation and discourage people from artificially increasing PageRank – the ranking in Google search results – by linking to unrelated websites and including extraneous terms in order to increase search engine ranking.     These changes could affect the PageRank of press releases and other...
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Social Media Advocacy: Rules of the Road When You’re Not the Only One in the Car

  Rational 360 frequently works with leading organizations to help effectively integrate social media into their traditional public affairs and advocacy campaigns, particularly in the health care space. Whether it is a well-timed tweet at a local legislator urging support for a bill, a firsthand video testimonial or personal account, or a Facebook effort to...
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Washington Post “Sponsored Views” Gives Organizations a New Communications Vehicle and Opportunity to Reach Target Audiences

Every communications professional has faced the challenge of how to most appropriately respond in a timely manner to misinformation or opposition attacks in an op-ed. Similarly, communications professionals frequently look for opportunities to brand their client organization, to positively associate their organization with the issue of the day, or to inject organizational views into relevant...
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