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Getting the Most From Your PR Internship

  Photo Credit: GOOD.  “Show up early every day.”  “Suck up to the boss.” “Make yourself available 24/7.” In this town— and yes, I mean in “This Town”—interns are as ubiquitous as politicians and interest groups, and advice about what makes a good intern is no less common. Interning is a rite of passage. And...
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Re: NY Magazine “Who Do Members of Congress Follow on Twitter?”

  Photo Credit: NY Magazine Ask a Member of Congress who influences him or her and you’ll probably hear some variation of “my constituents.” Recently, Dan Amira and New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer blog explored the subject of influence, partnering with the folks at Twiangulate to analyze who Members of Congress followed on Twitter. While the...
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The Shutdown Rundown

Events like the government shutdown that dominate the news cycle and capture the collective national conscious often tend to inspire widespread confusion and a broad range of questions, from the universal (“Why did the government shut down?”) to the more local and pragmatic (“Where in the District can I drown my sorrows during the shutdown?”)...
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Perspectives: The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

The following post from Rational 360 intern Shay Blackwell is about her experience at the 50th anniversary event commemorating the March on Washington. “I have a feeling we won’t be in the front row,” a graying older man said jokingly as he breezed pass me on the crowded sidewalk. I peered to the left at...
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What Google Webmaster Changes Mean for PR Firms and Online Content

Google has updated its Webmaster rules in an effort to encourage quality content creation and discourage people from artificially increasing PageRank – the ranking in Google search results – by linking to unrelated websites and including extraneous terms in order to increase search engine ranking.     These changes could affect the PageRank of press releases and other...
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