Rational Digital

Rational Digital helps clients solve their toughest problems through smart and innovative digital strategies and execution with a relentless attention to detail.

Data, creative and content, and distribution combine to optimize one-of-a-kind custom campaigns that help clients achieve their goals. When a comprehensive digital strategy comes together, Rational Digital clients:

  • Win State and Federal Grassroots Campaigns
  • Drive Public Comments on Regulations
  • Raise Money through Grassroots Fundraising
  • Protect Online Reputation in Crisis
  • Drive Public Awareness through Consumer Campaigns
  • Generate Offline Action through Online Targeting
  • Increase Social Media Engagement
  • Build and Re-Engage Custom Digital Armies and Email / Phone Number Databases
  • Educate Administration and Congressional Influencers with Compelling Content through Micro-targeted Ads

The fuel for the Rational Digital machine is DATA.

There are three primary data inputs that drive campaigns forward.

  1. Social Listening and Relationship Mining: With a custom-built suite of social listening and relationship mining analytics tools, including some built in-house and out-of-the-box solutions, Rational Digital analyzes millions of online posts and relationships, and identifies trends that guide campaigns. Rational Digital influencer maps and social listening insights have been featured on Fox News, by Meet the Press and are relied upon daily by Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and advocacy organizations.
  2. Campaign Activity Metrics: No matter what kind of campaign is running, Rational Digital feeds data from individual tactics in real time into the larger strategy. Examples of key metrics used to drive campaigns include email subject line tests, advertising costs per acquisition based on creative and audience, social media engagement, video views and drop-off, and much more.
  3. Digital Message Testing: Online tools have made it more cost-effective than ever to test different messages against one another so proven messages are the only ones that make it into digital communications. Rational Digital identifies representative survey panels

With a foundation of data, Rational Digital develops and produces transformative one-of-a-kind CREATIVE AND CONTENT.

There are four types of content that capture user attention online. Rational Digital content strategists and experts develop the right content for the right audience.

  1. Written: Rational Digital writers know how to write copy that moves the needle by combining data insights with copy that activates advocates and educates influencers.
  2. Video: The Rational Digital video team scripts, develops, produces, shoots and edits accessible explainer and testimonial videos. From whiteboard videos comparing a niche policy issue to a children’s television show, to animated social videos that can be turned around in hours, to testimonial videos that capture a legislative staffer’s attention around a key bill; Rational Digital videos help clients win campaigns.
  3. Graphics: The Rational Digital creates infographics, shareable graphics and advertisements that capture attention and generate engagement.
  4. Audio: Rational Digital helps clients develop audio content through podcasts, online radio, conference calls and more.

With the right creative and content, Rational Digital identifies and executes on the right DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS for a campaign.

  1. Advertising: From geo-targeting regulatory agency buildings and state legislative Capitols, to building modeled audiences to find the right activist who can take action or donate; Rational Digital moves content through highly targeted digital ads that reach the right people in a moment of intent.
  2. Influencers: Rational Digital identifies and builds relationships with key influencers
  3. Social Media: Rational Digital leads social media strategy and execution on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit for Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and advocacy organizations.
  4. Emails and Text Messages: Rational Digital sends compelling emails and text messages to advocate universes to drive action and help clients achieve their goals.
  5. Websites: Rational Digital helps organize great content on great websites for clients.
  6. Virtual Events: Rational Digital has combined top-notch strategy with high-quality execution for hundreds of virtual events, from national events with thousands of citizens to live online fundraisers to educational webinars and more. Rational Digital focuses on creating a high-quality experience for event organizers, talent and participants.