Suzy Smith


Suzy Smith

Senior Digital Counsel

Suzy Smith has led digital strategy for political campaigns, corporations and non-profit organizations for six years. She is an expert at finding and cultivating audiences online to communicate a message, reach influencers and earn votes.

In 2016, Suzy served as digital director on Jason Kander’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Missouri where she led the promotion of a viral video ad that ultimately earned over 2 million views online. On Kander’s campaign, Suzy carved out opportunities to reach new audiences with online ads targeting younger voters. Under Suzy’s leadership, Kander’s campaign was the first to use Facebook Live out of all 2016 Senate candidates to create video opportunities for supporters to engage with the candidate and ask questions in real-time.

Before working in Missouri, Suzy served as the digital director for Sylvester Turner’s mayoral campaign in Houston. Working with a candidate who initially had no email list, she increased their subscribers by 400 percent and ultimately recruited nearly all field volunteers online. Suzy also managed the designing of creative assets and placement of an expansive online ad campaign to engage voters in the city.

During the 2014 elections, Suzy served as the digital director for the Michigan Coordinated campaign where she recruited over 1,000 volunteers online to support the campaign’s robust field program. This volunteer base was critical to reaching voters. Ultimately, Michigan was the only Democratic victory by a non-incumbent Senate candidate in 2014.

In addition leading the digital outreach on three high-profile political campaigns, Suzy has served as a consultant to General Election and non-profits, like the Peterson Foundation.