Hina Razzaq

Hina Razzaq

Senior Director of Digital Media

Hina is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for growing action-driven campaigns through digital tools. 

Before joining Rational 360, Hina worked as a Senior Digital Strategist at Revolution Messaging, balancing creative marketing with data that drives results for her clients. During this time Hina led projects for her various non-profit clients that were awarded multiple Pollie and Reed awards. Prior to that, she served as the Digital Lead in Wisconsin for the 2016 Presidential Election, where she utilized digital platforms to boost traditional canvassing methods, resulting in a double-digit increase in volunteer recruitment. 

Hina is a proud Spartan and holds a degree in Political Science from Michigan State University.  She enjoys college sports, cooking and traveling. She is fluent in four languages and hopes to learn at least two more in her lifetime.