October DC Influencer Index: Trump Tripled Clinton Conversation

Today, Rational 360 is releasing its first monthly DC Influencer Index. Leveraging a variety of online tools, Rational 360 creates the Index by analyzing social media conversation of an exclusive list of 841 influencers in the policy and political space. The list is composed of Twitter accounts of members of Congress, Cabinet heads and departments, media members and pundits, and experts and strategists from both sides of the aisle.

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Republican nominee Donald Trump was the top topic of conversation within the Influencer Index in October, with 18.4% of tweets referring directly to “Trump.” In comparison, 6.1% of tweets referred directly to “Clinton.” Mentions of @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton were closer, with 1.5% of influencer tweets mentioning Trump’s account specifically and 1.1% mentioning Clinton’s.

Driven by the October presidential debates, overall Twitter conversation among the Influencers increased by 12% over September.

Joyful posts in the DC Sentiment Tracker, a measure of the emotions of the Influencers, dropped from 43% in September to 39% in October, while posts expressing disgust rose three points to 17%.

Posts expressing disgust peaked October 7-9 in the aftermath of allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump, when 25% of posts expressed disgust. Influencers posted about the allegations themselves, and some shared thoughts about Bill Clinton in response. The most joyful day of the month was October 11, when 45% of posts expressed joy. Two events, National Coming Out Day and the Day of the Girl, pushed the 11th into first place.

As part of the Influencer Index, Rational 360 also looked at top issues online in DC. The accounts that posted the tweets that rose to the top of those conversations are outlined below:

Highlights and quick hits from Influencers’ October posts are included below:

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