November DC Influencer Index: Influencers increasingly partisan post-election

Influencer conversation dropped by 49.7 percent after Election Day in November, with DC talking far more about the campaigns and election process than the transition and actual process of governing. Posts from DC Influencers shifted in emotion this month, regarding President-elect Trump specifically, and across all topics. Members of Congress leveraged holidays throughout the month including Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving to drive engagement on their own Twitter accounts.

DC Influencers Change Tune

President-elect Trump was again the top topic of conversation in November, but the emotions expressed around his name changed significantly since October. Posts expressing joy that discussed Trump increased four points from 9 percent to 13 percent of emotion-trackable posts — and fearful posts increased six points from 36 percent to 42 percent. Meanwhile, posts expressing disgust decreased from 32 to 22 percent.

Disgust was often an emotion used in posts that did not take Trump seriously as a candidate. The shift from disgust to joy and fear from October to November represents the Influencers moving into their respective party corners with increasingly joyful posts from Republicans and increasingly fearful posts from Democrats.

Joyful Posts Up 5 points In Nov

Across all topics, joyful posts in the DC Sentiment Tracker*, a measure of the emotions of the Influencers, returned from an October drop to bounce back five points from 39 percent to 44 percent in November.

Thanksgiving was a major driver of joyful posts with influencers from Congress, the media and others wishing friends and family a happy holiday. Veterans Day provided another significant spike in posts expressing joy, with Influencers posting about their gratitude for those who serve. November and December tend to be among the most joyful months of the year, because of the holidays.

The Anatomy of a Powerful Tweet

The tweets Influencers retweeted most in November were related to the election, primarily composed by elected officials, encouraging their constituents to vote. Influencers retweeted Rep. John Lewis’ tweet more than any other. This tweet was a perfect storm of best practices.

It leveraged 1) the right messenger: a Civil Rights hero with a compelling story; 2) the right moment: the immediate lead-up to Election Day, providing a timely hook; 3) the right media: an unforgettable, powerful and captivating image of a time that resonates with so many Americans; and 4) the right message: a concise story with a clear, short call-to-action: Vote!



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