July DC Influencer Index: How to become a top mentioned Influencer in 10 days

In this month’s Influencer Index, we continue to see the effects of Congress waging battle over health care reform. Hashtags related to health care dominated the top trending list, and health care continues to be one of the topics most talked about online in Washington. Influencer tweet sentiment stayed primarily negative in July save for the weekends and the Fourth of July. Finally, we analyze Anthony Scaramucci’s rise and fall in online conversations during his brief, but explosive, time as the White House Communications Director. To learn more about Rational 360’s DC Influencer List, or how Washington Influencers can affect your business, send an email to digital@rational360.com

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Fig. 1: July 2017 Washington Influencer conversations mentioning Anthony Scaramucci.

Despite only working at the White House for 10 days, Anthony Scaramucci was one of the top five mentioned Influencers in this month’s index. The above chart shows the rise and fall in conversations mentioning Scaramucci during July. The first two spikes came late in the week with breaking news but dropped immediately the next day, showing the propensity for late-in-the-week stories to die down quickly over the weekend.



Fig. 2: July 2017 negative and positive tweet sentiment ratio.

The Influencer negative tweet sentiment in July was 55 percent, same as in June, and was influenced primarily by the ongoing debate on repealing and replacing Obamacare with a new health care bill. Negative sentiment dipped to its lowest point (29 percent) on the Fourth of July and spiked to 64 percent on July 25 when Senate Republicans voted to start the debate on the proposals to repeal and replace Obamacare.



Fig. 3: July’s top retweeted tweet by Influencers.

Former President Obama’s tweet was the most retweeted tweet by Washington Influencers in July following Sen. John McCain’s brain cancer diagnosis. 57 Influencers retweeted the tweet including journalists, Democratic members of Congress and former White House staff members. This is the second time in the past six months that the former president’s tweet ranked the highest among Washington Influencers.

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Leveraging a variety of online tools, Rational 360 creates the Index by analyzing social media conversation of an exclusive list of 1,012 influencers in the policy and political space. The list is composed of Twitter accounts of members of Congress, Cabinet heads and departments, media members and pundits, and experts and strategists from both sides of the aisle.


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