February DC Influencer Index: White House Digital Strategy Helps Sway Conversation in Its Favor

In February, the White House demonstrated that a comprehensive digital strategy for a live event can help shape the flow of a conversation in its favor. The White House tweeted once before its Feb. 16 press conference and did not follow up afterward. Journalists made eight of the top 10 retweets, and gave feedback and observations throughout the press conference. However, when @realDonaldTrump, @WhiteHouse and @POTUS followed their digital strategy for the Joint Address, they made five of the 10 most retweeted tweets that day. Journalist and political party member tweets from the event did not make the list. Finally, congressional Democrats continue to tweet their support and defense for the ACA in context of town halls happening across the country.

Click the image below to enlarge the full February Influencer Index.

Rational 360 maintains several proprietary lists of influencers across a number of specific issue verticals, including this list of DC influencers. The firm analyzes their tweet patterns to glean insights to help you communicate with them. If you are curious about how what Influencers are saying can affect your business or how to develop a digital strategy to shift the conversation in your favor, reach out to digital@rational360.com.

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