DC Influencer Index
Rational 360 maintains an exclusive list of 841 influencers, including members of Congress, Cabinet members, media and partisan pundits and strategists. Every month, the firm releases a full Index of online conversation by these influencers on social media during the previous month – which includes an emotion analysis that captures joy, fear, sadness and surprise...
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Today, Rational 360 is releasing its first monthly DC Influencer Index. Leveraging a variety of online tools, Rational 360 creates the Index by analyzing social media conversation of an exclusive list of 841 influencers in the policy and political space. The list is composed of Twitter accounts of members of Congress, Cabinet heads and departments,...
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During last night’s debate, Rational 360 analyzed which people, topics and tweets were resonating with influencers the most. During the debate, influencers tweeted 5.8 percent more than they did during the second debate last Monday, and 7.7 percent less than they did during the first debate last month. The top tweet for DC influencers was...
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