August 2017 Influencer Index: Hate speech topic skyrockets 861 percent above average

All eyes were on Charlottesville and Houston this month following competing protests, which left one dead, and Hurricane Harvey, which left thousands stranded. Both topics made up three of the five trending hashtags, in addition to #MAGA and #taxreform. Online conversations about hate speech were higher than ever among Washington Influencers after President Trump’s comments on the rallies in Charlottesville. Former president Obama authored the most retweeted tweet by Washington Influencers for the third time this year.

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Online conversations about hate speech were higher than ever among Washington Influencers in August. Conversations mentioning nazis, white supremacy, racism, fascism or hate speech skyrocketed 861 percent above monthly average following competing protests in Charlottesville, Virginia and President’s Trump’s initial failure to condemn the event and the hate groups that participated.


Once again, a majority of tweets from Washington Influencers displayed a mostly negative sentiment, peaking at 80 percent negative on August 12th in response to the Charlottesville rallies.



Former president Barack Obama authored the most retweeted tweet by Washington influencers. His tweet, a quote from Nelson Mandela, came in response to the Charlottesville rallies and received 51 retweets from Democratic members of Congress, journalists, and Democratic Influencers, and nearly 2 million retweets from users on Twitter. The tweet has been liked more than 3 million times, making it the most liked tweet of all time on Twitter. August is the third month this year that Washington Influencers retweeted Barack Obama’s tweet the most.

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