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  1. June DC Influencer Index: President Trump tweeted less than Obama after their inaugurations
  2. April DC Influencer Index: Influencers Negative About President Trump's First 100 Days
  3. This New Twitter Trend Will Have You Digging Up the Past
  4. February DC Influencer Index: White House Digital Strategy Helps Sway Conversation in Its Favor
  5. January DC Influencer Index: Mentions of "ACA" surpass "Obamacare" following congressional votes
  6. December DC Influencer Index: “Russia” and “jobs” among top topics in quietest month of the year
  7. November DC Influencer Index: Influencers increasingly partisan post-election
  8. Emoji: 21st Century Hieroglyphs
  9. October DC Influencer Index: Trump Tripled Clinton Conversation
  10. Digital Influencer Insights on Final 2016 Presidential Debate
  11. Social Media Year in Review: Twitter
  12. Are ‘Best Practices’ Really the Best for Your Organization?
  13. Bridging the Generations to Launch an App; Rational 360’s Strategy Featured in PR Week
  14. Facebook at 10: What’s Next for the Social Network?
  15. 2013 Social Media Year in Review
  16. Don’t Just Write It, Visualize It: Creating Graphics for Social Media
  17. Re: NY Magazine’s “Who Do Members of Congress Follow on Twitter?”
  18. What Google Webmaster Changes Mean for PR Firms and Online Content
  19. Social Media Advocacy: Rules of the Road When You're Not the Only One in the Car
  20. Washington Post “Sponsored Views” Gives Organizations a New Communications Vehicle and Opportunity to Reach Target Audiences
  21. Facebook Rolls Out Clickable Hashtags
  22. 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Infographic

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