Rapid Response

We believe that the best defense is a solid offense.

Rational 360 on site Rapid Response communications provides real-time media monitoring, along with response guidance to provide your organization with the necessary tools to respond quickly to criticism. Our rapid response services can also provide digital engagement capabilities to oversee and quickly participate in conversations going on about your brand online.

Rational 360 monitors, tracks and advises on communications messaging and responses. The team will provide crisis and reputation management services to aid the client in tackling difficult issues that have sprung up in the media. We craft and execute crisis managements strategies, develop and refine critical messaging, identify audiences, stakeholders, industry leaders and thinkers, and prepare crucial strategies and tactics to prepare spokespersons for all media queries be they favorable or hostile.

Rational 360 Rapid Response communications include:

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Message Development and Guidance
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Up-to-the-minute news alerts
  • Maintain a “living” attack matrix
  • Writing and distributing media advisories and press releases
  • Pitching and booking spokespeople to broadcast media
  • Crafting, editing and placing opinion pieces
  • Conducting new-media outreach via blogs and social media
  • Sharing information via Facebook or Twitter
  • Advising on tactics, and strategy for media events

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