Patrick Dorton


Patrick Dorton has handled communications at the highest level of business and government, including serving as a senior advisor in the Clinton White House. FULL BIO >>

Don Marshall


Don Marshall is a communications strategist who combines deep political experience with an expertise in business and new media communications. FULL BIO >>

Brian Kaminski


Brian Kaminski is an expert at running coordinated communications campaigns and public affairs advocacy aimed at Capitol Hill and state legislatures around the country. FULL BIO >>

Melissa Green


Melissa Green specializes in handling sensitive assignments in high pressure environments. Her skills include strategic planning and problem solving, branding, internal and external coordination, communication and outreach. FULL BIO >>

Jeff O'Mara


Jeff O'Mara is a global marketing and communications leader with a data-driven campaign approach that has delivered high-impact results for the Fortune 50, start-ups, political campaigns. FULL BIO >>

Peter Barden


Peter Barden is a public affairs expert with over 20 years of corporate, political, nonprofit, finance and crisis communications experience. FULL BIO >>


Brian Bartlett

Senior Vice President

Brian Bartlett is a Republican communications strategist whose experience stretches across the highest levels of politics, government and business. FULL BIO >>

Ariel Kastner

Vice President

Ariel Kastner has worked at the intersection of policy, communications, and strategy for over a decade, designing public affairs campaigns and helping stakeholders craft written materials that drive public policy outcomes.  FULL BIO >>

Beth Dozier

Vice President

Beth Dozier works on behalf of Fortune 500 corporations, industry associations, coalitions and nonprofits to elevate issues and influence legislative change. FULL BIO >>

Lucila Garcia


Lucila Garcia is a communications practitioner with expert knowledge in public affairs advocacy and public relations outreach. FULL BIO >>

Collin Berglund

Digital Director

Collin Berglund works at the intersection of communications, marketing and digital strategy for Rational 360, finding new ways for clients to get measurable change-driving results.  FULL BIO >>

Susannah Beltz-Allen

Digital Director

Susannah Beltz-Allen is a creative, results-producing digital strategist. Previous experience includes content creation, implementation across multiple platforms, and developing actionable insights for Fortune 50 companies. FULL BIO >>

Annie Carter

Director of Operations

Annie Carter manages Rational 360’s operations and finances. FULL BIO >>

Caryn Benisch


Caryn Benisch is a communications strategist with a breadth of experience in foreign affairs, U.S. policy in the Middle East, and broadcast journalism. FULL BIO >>

Megan Vanderbur


Megan is a public relations strategist with experience building grassroots movements. FULL BIO >>

Jennifer Kay


Jenny is a public affairs strategist with a breadth of experience working on issues pertaining to policy and advocacy, as well as corporate brand and reputation. FULL BIO >>

Joanna Hill

Senior Associate

Joanna Hill is an associate at Rational 360 and a media relations and PR professional. She offers strong relationships with the media and deep understanding of the political news process.  FULL BIO >>

Farrah Ahamad


Farrah Ahamad is an international development and policy professional who has worked in private and public institutions locally and abroad, on both the strategic and implementation sides of development and government policy.  FULL BIO >>


Taí Coates

Digital Associate

Taí Coates is a creative digital strategist bridging the gap between data-driven results and creative innovation. 


Megan O'Leary


Megan is a public affairs strategist with experience in federal and state politics, government relations, public policy research, and journalism. FULL BIO >>

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