Mary Akemon

Digital Strategist

Mary Akemon is a creative and digital media professional joining Rational 360 from diverse experiences in political campaigns, museums, and digital content creation. Prior to Rational 360, Mary worked with Let America Vote as a field organizer and digital content contributor. The bulk of Mary’s experiences have been in art museums where she specialized in collections management and digital media production. Most recently, Mary was elected to the board of the Internet Creators Guild, a membership-association for online creators. Mary has worked on a variety of projects and events including hosting and producing podcasts, YouTube consultation, guest management with Buffer Film Festival, and as the director of community workshops at Playlist Live. Originally from Sarasota, Florida, Akemon received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Florida State University, one in History and one in Art History. In 2016 she completed her Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies from University College London.


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